Eco Tours of the Waikanae Estuary Scientific Reserve

What is Ecology?

Ecology is the study of the relationships between living organisms, including humans, and their physical environment; it seeks to understand the vital connections between plants and animals and the world around them. Ecology also provides information about the benefits of ecosystems and how we can use Earth’s resources in ways that leave the environment healthy for future generations.

Is Mick an Ecologist?

Mick, the Tour Guide for Kapiti Bird Tours, is a foundation member of the Waikanae Estuary Care Group which was established in 2004 to restore and protect the natural ecosytem of the Estuary. He has excellent knowledge of the ecosytem which is complimentary to his protection of the native bird life.

Mick’s Bird tours and the Ecology.

The Wakanae Estuary is a Scienic Reserve of some natural beauty and this can only remain in this condition if we protect it..

On a Bird Tour Mick has always stessed the need to respect the birds right to privacy and be undisturbed. He particularly talks about the impact of human disturbance to both the birds and their habitat. Mick intermingles facts about the birds and their environment. He is particularly concerned with people who let their dogs run loose on the beach or the river estuary area.

There is an excellent description of the Reserve in the Department of Conservation website. Click Here to enter