Waikanae Estuary Bird Tours

Go into the places only locals are familiar with. Visit little known hideouts and nesting sites. See the birds in their natural habitat. Mick's explanations of events show his great knowledge of these birds and their habitat.

Mick's Monthly Newsletter

Read about happenings at Waikanae Beach in context to the seasons of the year. New tales and descriptions with each edition. Go to his newsletter archives and read about seasonal changes. Get your own copy by email each month.

Mick's Interesting Stories

Sammy the Seal is the latest interesting tale of activities on the Waikanae Estuary. This book has excellent illustrations and will appeal to children of all ages. Whatever Next! was Mick's original book for children

Our Beautiful Estuary

Waikanae Estuary is both a beautiful scenic spot and a bird sanctuary at the same time.

There are many birds species not seen regularly or so easily elswhere. Waikanae is the Bird Capital of New Zealand

Enjoy the bird life up close

These cygnets are only a sample of bird life in the Estuary during spring.

Every season of the year has its attractions as the birds progress through their life cycle

Get up close to our birds

You will get opportunities to get up close and obtain some photographs of this encounter with nature.

Bring Your Camera

Do not miss some great photo oportunities