‘Thomas’ – a true love story for children and  adults of all ages.  

The rainbow relationship of Thomas  the goose and Henry the black swan  received worldwide fame in February  of 2018 when Thomas, the blind,  bisexual goose passed away and was  buried next to his partner of nearly  thirty years, a black swan named  Henry. Headlines appeared in news  columns as far as the UK and America  including the BBC News, Daily Mail  and even a mention on The Ellen  Show in the US!

Now the story, also involving a love  triangle with Henrietta the swan, has  been immortalized forever by Mik in his eighth book about the Waikanae  Lagoon and the adventures that unfold  within it.

“The gallant goose rushed into the water  and shepherded Henry and the babies up  the bank, across the road and back to the  top lagoon. Over the next six years, 

Henry and Henrietta hatched 82 eggs, 76  of the cygnets grew up and eventually flew  away. Thomas helped to raise all of  them”- an excerpt from the book.

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Listen to Pinky Agnew’s poem about this great story of Henry and Thomas

Also listen to the song by the band Uzblokes


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